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Specialty Services

Innovative and Intuitive

In addition to the comprehensive inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services provided at NCBHS hospitals, we also offer specialty services. This includes programs like Equine Therapy and our Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Everything we do at NCBHS is in the service of our patients and clients, so it’s important that we offer specialty services that are in tune with the needs of our communities.

Equine Therapy Program
in Santa Rosa

Equine therapy is an evidence-based approach that enables clients to interact with horses in order to reach their therapeutic goals.

When a clinician can observe the interactions between client and horse, they can gain valuable insight from a horse’s reactions. This allows the therapist to better address the client’s needs.

Our Equine-Assisted Therapy Program is offered at the Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare Hospital location in collaboration with The Pony Express agency of Santa Rosa.

Psychiatric Intensive
Care Unit (PICU)

Unique in northern California, our PICU program cares for individuals who are difficult to place in our region’s existing acute psychiatric hospitals due to the complexity and/or severity of their immediate psychiatric crisis.

Our goal is to stabilize patients and minimize the risk of harm to themselves and others, while helping our community healthcare providers place these individuals in a safe, secure, and appropriate treatment setting.

24/7 Assessment and Referral Services


The Regional Patient Services Call Center covers all of Northern California, providing no-cost, confidential 24/7 patient navigation, assessment and referral services.

Our goal is to help identify the right kind of services that best meet an individual’s behavioral health treatment needs.

Call us anytime for help in determining the most appropriate level of care and support.

Questions? We’re here for you.

Our goal is to help identify the right program or services to best meet a person’s behavioral health treatment needs. Contact us anytime for help in determining the most appropriate level of care and support.

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